Information. What are they looking at?
“Information” showcases the threats created by the appalling misuse of modern technology in an ideological fight legitimized by the false dichotomy of freedom vs security. It shifts the representational power from discourse dominating white men towards the expertise of women and people of colour. Ultimately, it explores the connection between racism and surveillance from social, political and historical standpoints.
Script, Shooting, Editing: Theresia Reinhold
Sound Editing: Glenn Forsythe
Underground Dance
This short film follows an activist art performance by sex workers. This performance aimed to raise awareness about an unfavourable bill against them, which the German government introduced in 2015.
The film premiered at the „Pornfilmfestival Berlin“ 2015.

Directing, Shoot, Edit: Theresia Reinhold
Artists: Ali, Funny van Money, Dana von Schwedendorf
Have you been missing me?
Depression, sorrow, fear – not stages, not states of a specifically defined or definable period of time, but personal realities reoccurring sinuously.
Script, Camera, Editing, Soundscape: Theresia Reinhold
With: Laura E., Ralph Thum
Berlin, 2015.
Documentary on the interconnection between the American Dream and racist discrimination in the US. The film is based on interviews with young people from all over the country, who share their stories and experiences.
Script, Camera, Edit: Theresia Reinhold
Musik: Philipp Wartenberg
USA/Berlin, 2013.
Vanilla (A Musical)
Filmed as part of Berlin’s 48 Hour Film Project, we follow a troubled lesbian couple as they try to rescue their doomed relationship with an innocent ice-cream date, but end up caught in the crossfire between their manipulative egomaniac therapist and her former patient, a banker turned street-artist with anger issues.
Script & Directing: Kanchi Wichmann
Camera, Editing: Theresia Reinhold
Music: Lin Sangster
With: Rojin Haddadzadegan, Ruby Harrison, Hinna Jafri, E. Kennedy, Jenny Rheinhardt, Michelle Ty
Berlin, 2018.
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