Screening & Discussion of „Information. What are they looking at?“
Together with Maryant Fernández Pérez, Kirsten Fiedler, Yasmin Jiwani and Jinx from the pw20-team we discuss my documentary at PrivacyWeek in Vienna 2020.
PrivacyWeek Wien 2018
Google’s Malicious Determinism – Implications of „The Selfish Ledger“
Google’s „thought experiment“ video „The Selfish Ledger“ was leaked in May 2018. In it, the company toys with the idea of What if your data does not belong to you, but to everyone in your lineage, maybe even to the society.

My talk investigates the individual and societal implications that would follow such a powerful technology.

International Journalism festival 2016
Between Cryptoparty and Brussels: how important is the fight for digital rights for you?
Data retention, state-sponsored attacks on Twitter, journalists being blocked from doing their work, Big Data and still “Nothing to Hide”? Despite the many threats faced by a growing number of people and with more and more people fighting against surveillance, data retention and the misuse of Big Data, we still do not reach the mainstream. This talk tries to understand why we “lost the people” on these topics.
re:publica 2015
Re:Presentation of Secret Services in Popular Culture
Popular Culture picks up on a vast amount of political issues. We want to analyze how the re:presentation of Secret Services has changed in films and TV Shows after the leaks of Edward Snowden.
with Laura Ede
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