In winter 2018/2019, CADUS went to Sarajevo with a mobile hospital to provide medical care to refugees. I was on site for a fortnight as a volunteer to document their work in short films for social media.
Photographer & videographer Ceren Saner and I shot three videos for Wir machen das e.V. as part of the series "Gerichte mit Geschichte".
Berlin, 2018/2019
Alexandra Geese, Member of the European Parliament
My central role was developing, researching and creating videos on feminism, digital rights and political developments. I also worked on her Social Media Presence, here the goal was to adhere to the CD of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament whilst adding a personal twist to it.
Frauen aufs Podium e.V.

In 2019 the newly founded organisation wanted a set of informative and educational posts for Instagram to spread knowledge about gender inequality in politics & everyday life and inform about the organisation's goal.

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